Certification Procedure

The certification procedure is actually under evaluation and will be updated soon.



---------- Old procedure until Oct,2016 --------


The certification procedure is a long-lasting process during which the candidate is given an opportunity to demonstrate his competence in integrative psychotherapy in different situations. The candidate should demonstrate his general and specific psychotherapeutic and diagnostic skills as well as extensive clinical and theoretical knowledge and personal maturity, especially in short-term integrative psychotherapy. The candidate shall be subject to the Committee's assessment of his practical and theoretical skills. The Committee consists not only of the team trainers, but also of outside specialists.

The following quantitative criteria are required to apply for the certificate:

  • 2000 hours of psychotherapy practice during at least 5 years of work, of which 220 hours should be supervised practice,
  • 300 hours self-psychotherapy,
  • 150 hours of supervision,
  • 600 hours of theoretical and practical skill-training in integrative psychotherapy,
  • 360 hours clinical internship in a mental health facility or equivalent, where the candidate cooperated with other professionals.

Psychotherapists seeking certification should demonstrate their active participation in professional and social activities at PTPI and/or other psychotherapists’ professional associations. Therefore, the candidates are expected to perform at least two presentations (paper, article, clinical demonstration) during any conferences on psychotherapy, including one on a national or international level.


  1. The Candidate shall submit to the Certification Committee:
    • Diploma of PTPI College
    • A form describing Candidate’s hitherto training
    • Statement on at least the two presentations at scientific conferences on the national or international level, including one presentation at the PTPI Scientific Congress
    • Professional self-portrait
    • PTPI supervisor’s recommendation (It is possible to submit an additional supervisor’s recommendation issued by a supervisor not being a member of the PTPI).
    Formal correctness of the documents submitted and a positive assessment of the therapist’s work level is the basis for the further release stage.
  2. Submission of the certification thesis paper (in-depth case study). A positive evaluation of the paper is a necessary condition to enter the practical test.
  3. Practical examination before the Certification Committee consisting of supervisors, associated teachers as well as teachers from outside of the Association who are not candidate’s key teachers. The candidate’s supervisor can participate in the Committee work with no right to vote. The examination takes the form of a 2-day meeting, where the therapist conducts 3 therapy sessions and represents patients to other examinees.
  4. To be admitted to the defense of a certification thesis paper, the candidate is obliged to pass the practical examination.
  5. Oral examination – the candidate is expected to complete an oral defense of the certification thesis paper in front of the Certification Committee consisting of associated supervisors and teachers, as well as teachers from outside of the Association provided they are not the candidate’s key teachers. There is an opportunity for the candidate’s supervisor to participate, but without the right to vote. The students representative may participate as an observer, too.

Practical and oral examination makes it possible for the Committee to determine whether the Candidate:

  • provides personal and professional competence and ethical responsibility,
  • is able to practically diagnose patient’s problems, referring the diagnosis to theoretical knowledge,
  • demonstrates sufficient knowledge of psychotherapy and integrative psychotherapy and is able to apply it properly,
  • presents relevant competence as an integrative psychotherapist,
  • during the examination process demonstrates that he assimilated the ideas / attitudes appropriate for integrative psychotherapy, such as respect for the patient and his family, patient’s choices and his existential situation, accepting, positive confrontation, kindness, openness to feedback and ability to use them.


Qualification fee: 500 PLN
The fee for issuing the Certificate: 300 PLN
The annual certification fee: 100 PLN

Final comments

  • In case of failing the oral examination, the Candidate may apply to the PTPI Board.
  • The candidate may enter the examination next time after one year.

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