Renewal of the Certificate

The Certificate is valid for 5 years. The CPD requirements are: a minimum of 250 hours over a period of the previous 5 years, average 50 hours per annum, which can be taken in various forms:

a) Attendance at advanced or additional professional psychotherapy courses (Please list these, include detail of the provider (institute) and a synopsis of the course, and indicate the number of hours for each course on a separate sheet.)

b) Engagement in professional supervision for psychotherapy practice/clinical/group work and peer supervision (Please indicate this on a separate sheet with name of supervisor/institute, hours of supervision, and the total of number of hours)

c) Attendance at psychotherapy conferences / symposiums (Please list title, date and organisation for each on a separate sheet and indicate number of hours of session time attended in each. Please attach copies of all conference attendance certificates).

d) Engagement in professional activities in psychotherapy (boards, committees, working parties, etc. Please indicate organisation, dates of committee/board meetings, and number of formal hours of each meeting.)

e) Participation in extra psychotherapy training as a supervisor / researcher / teacher

The minimum of 250 hours shall consist of no more than 75 hours from any one category.

The requirements may be changed depending on particular EAP regulations.

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