Recommendation for an integrative psychotherapist

The recommendation of the Association means that the person who is a PTPI member has adequate skills and knowledge to conduct psychotherapy under supervision and in accordance with professional and ethical standards of PTPI. The recommendation means that the recommended person has obtained the status of “a therapist in certification-training”.

Subsequent form of competence validation in the psychotherapist profession is the Certificate of the Polish Association for Integrative Psychotherapy, which confirms that the certified member of the Association is qualified to conduct independently psychotherapy. The Association is an affiliate member of the European Association for Psychotherapy, and its certification requirements are equivalent to or higher than EAP requirements for the European Certificate of Psychotherapy.


Fee for the qualification procedure: 300 PLN
Recommendation annual fee: 100 zł

The upcoming practical examination session for the recomendation will be held in Spring 2016.

List of recommended psychotherapists

Polish Association for Integrative Psychotherapy (PTPI)
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