Strasburg Declaration

Polish Association for Integrative Psychotherapy respects the Strasburg Declaration, which is the foundation of philosophy of the European Association for Psychotherapy. It is signed by all organisational members of the EAP.

Strasburg Declaration

  1. Psychotherapy is an independent scientific discipline, the practice of which represents an independent and free profession.
  2. Training in psychotherapy takes place at an advanced, qualified and scientific level.
  3. The multiplicity of psychotherapeutic methods is assured and guaranteed.
  4. A full psychotherapeutic training covers theory, self-experience, and practice under supervision. Adequate knowledge of various psychotherapeutic processes is acquired.
  5. Access to training is through various preliminary qualifications, in particular human and social sciences.

Polish Association for Integrative Psychotherapy (PTPI)
Poznan, Poland

Adress: Emilli Sczanieckiej 2A/1, 60-216 Poznan, Poland
phone: +48 695 711 678 (Monday, Tuesday: 10-12AM)

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Bank account: ING Bank Śląski 27 1050 1445 1000 0023 0991 4006